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Advanced Procedures


Non-invasive, Non-topical, No Pills Approach to Nail Fungus 

How does it work?

A laser light beam passed over the infected nails and surrounding skin several times until the fungus is eliminated. The nail will feel warm during the procedure. We treat all nails for the complete elimination of toenail fungus. Clinical studies have found that 88% of treated patients show significant improvement.

1. The toenail fungus is elimiated by the light instantly.
2. The toenail is comfortably heated to eliminate fungus.
3. The toenail undergoes a immune response, to naturally fight off fungus and grow a clean nail.


Painless Injections without FEAR!
This is the most advanced anesthetic technology available. There is NO needle involved, anesthesia is instant, and comfortable for adults, children, and adults that are like children.
In office procedures are done without pain, fear, and traumatic memories.


Painless Lower Leg Hair Removal that does not stop your lifestyle
Lasers have been around for many years. We are now able to offer this technology that has a quick recovery, effective results, and is painless.


Removal of skin pigmentation and rejuvenation on the lower legs
Our aesthetic laser evens out skin tone, discolorations, removes age spots, pigmentation, spots on the lower extremity. It also treats redness, spider veins, and freckles.


Painless removal of pigmentation on the lower legs
We are able to remove red pignmentation related to spider type of vessels.


100% Joint Replacement Fluid for Mild to Moderate Arthritis

Originally developed for the knee, this advanced fluid is a equivalent replacement for normal human joint fluid. The theory is that the normal fluid nourishes the joint, potential natural repair, as well as cushioning the joint space.
Typically, most people feel relief after the 3rd injection out of the 5 recommended.
This is a non-surgical alternative for candidates that cannot have surgery.
This threapy is not covered by medical insurance.


A Minimally Invasive Surgical Technique
Ankle arthroscopy involves the surgical evaluation and treatment of the ankle for conditions such as chronic ankle pain, ankle trauma, cartilage defects, ligament repairs, and a variety of other conditions.

Arthroscopy involves the use of a fiberoptic camera and small surgical instruments simultaneously. The instruments are used through small incisions compared to traditional open surgery. Dr. Tu is certified in arthroscopic foot and ankle surgery.

Above is a cartilage defect that was identified then repaired using arthroscopy

  • You may need ankle arthroscopy if you have debris in your ankle from torn cartilage or from a bone chip. Also, if there is ligament damage from a severely sprained ankle, a foot and ankle surgeon may choose to do an arthroscopy to evaluate the extent of damage and possibly to repair it.
  • For some people, arthroscopy allows a speedier recovery, minimal scarring, and fewer complications than open surgery


Advanced surgical repair for complex problems
Also known as Ilizarov frames, distraction frames, external frames or spatial frames, these all work in a similar way. They are circular frames placed around the limb and attached to metal pins which are inserted through the bone. They were devised and first used by a Siberian surgeon, Gavril Ilizarov, and were in use in Russia for many years. He discovered that the use of frames allowed bone to grow at any lenghth. Dr. Tu is certified in complex foot and ankle applications of circular and monolateral frames.

These devices are like dental braces, for the teeth to correct alignment and more.


What are they used for today?

They are used to lengthen and/or thicken bone and to correct deformity such as clubfoot by altering the position of bones and soft tissue. Frames are also used to repair fractures, especially ‘non-union’ fractures where the fractured bone doesn’t meet and heal. They are also used to fuse arthritic bones, even infected bones/joints, and are used where internal fixation is not possible.
External fixators are now used for Diabetic Charcot Arthropathy and assit in healing chronic wounds as part of limb preservation.
External fixators most of the time allow patients to walk, allow some motion, and allow correction of deformity all at the same time.



A truely advanced wound closure system
V.A.C.® Therapy is the controlled application of sub-atmospheric pressure to a wound using a therapy unit to intermittently or continuously convey negative pressure to a specialized wound dressing to help promote wound healing. The wound dressing is a resilient, open-cell foam surface dressing (such as GranuFoam® and V.A.C.® WhiteFoam) that assists tissue granulation and is sealed with an adhesive drape that contains the subatmospheric pressure at the wound site. Special T.R.A.C.® technology* enhaat the wound site. Additionally, the V.A.C.® Therapy System helps direct drainage to a specially designed canister that reduces the risk onces patient safety by regulating pressure f exposure to exudate fluids and infectious materials. 


Gentically Enginerred Skin Equivalent/Substitutes
Diabetic wounds and limb amputations lead to poor prognosis and high mortality rates. Now with the use of advanced gentically engineered skin many people suffering from poor healing wounds have an alternative. This is a living human biological tissue regeneration therapy made to treat non-healing sores and wounds. They are derived from human fetal foreskin. These products are very similar to normal human skin (as shown below, human skin on the right). These products are only available to wound care specialists. For correct results they must be applied and managed by a wound care specialist. For more information the doctor can evaluate if you may be a cannidate for this advanced treatment modality that has healed and saved many limbs.

The above brands ( DermaGraft®, ApliGraf®, V.A.C.® therapy) and names are respective of their companies and owners