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Prescription orthotics are the mainstay of conservative of treatment of the foot and ankle. Many people benefit from having prescription orthotics from runners, joggers, diabetics, and children depending on the purpose of activity and deformity. There are many people that benefit from this therapy to prevent or delay foot and ankle surgery. There are no guarantees that given or implied; however, like eyeglasses, dental crowns, and prosthetic limbs the devices improve one's quality of life and activities one needs for daily living.

Perfect feet are very rare, almost anyone can benefit from orthotics. They can prevent and alleviate many of the common foot complications that cause discomfort in otherwise healthy people. Both adjust bodily imperfections that inhibit people from functioning at their maximum physical potential. In both cases, a physician will do a complete examination and prescribe the proper amount of correction.

Almost anyone can achieve some benefit from an orthotic.
Golfer's can swing farther, runners can run farther, skiing, basketball, soccer, baseball, tennnis, football, and even bowling, the list goes on.

One's feet should not hurt. Pain is the body's way of warning you something is wrong. If you ignore your pain, the condition causing it could become worse. However, relief is closer than you think.

Experience Guarantee

We know that our castings, prescriptions, and lab materials are far superior that we can offer complimentary adjustments (very rare).

How long does a custom orthotic last?

Most orthotics are guarantted against breakage; however, over time they will begin to flatten out. The typical lifetime of a pair of orthotics is 5 years depending on the activity they are used for. After their usable lifetime, the patient's feet will have changed shape and need to be re-casted for maximum benefit.

How Is an Orthotic Made?

While orthotics can be made by several different processes, most physicians prefer to make a plaster cast impression of the patient's foot. This is called a negative impression. The cast is sent to a laboratory with a prescription for recommended modifications. At the lab, a positive cast is made by pouring plaster into the negative cast. When this dries, it forms a perfect reproduction of the bottom of the foot. Using the physician's recommendations for corrections, the lab technicians form an orthotic that incorporates the necessary adjustments. This will provide the patient with the support, stability, cushioning and alignment necessary to keep his or her, ankles and lower body comfortable, healthy and pain-free.

Beware that custom function orthotic therapy consists of serveral things, if none of these are done it's not a true pathology specific orthotic therapy.
1. Evaluation by a trained Foot and Ankle Specialist/Surgeon
2. Taping/strapping trial for orthotic therapy
3. Biomechanical and Gait evaluation by a Foot and Ankle Specialist
4. Casting the foot in the neutral position by a Foot and Ankle Specialist (not stepping in a box or computer scanner)
5. Orthotic Prescription written by a Foot and Ankle Specialist
6. A Reliable USA Orthotic Lab manufacturer
7. Lastly, a Foot and Ankle Specialist experienced in Sports Medicine and Biomechanics

Pathology Specific Custom Rx Orthotics, my membership club and the pharmacy has them for less

Like any custom made durable medical device (i.e. eyeglasses, dental crowns, and prosthetics) this is a device made only for the patient it was intended for and are not a over the counter or store bought devices that are made for the general population. This is a medical device that can correct most deformites when properly made and may aide or slow down the progression of certain foot and ankle pathologies.

I have gotten orthotics before and they don't fit in all my shoes! (women)

Due to the new advances in the orthotic therapy and techniques it is now possible to have orthotics manufactured for women's pumps and flats. Our office calls these specific orthotics for women the "Carrer Girl Orthotics". This is much slimmer design and can fit into more shoes desired by the Sophisticated Working Woman.

Every Womans Dream!

High Heel Orthotics High Heel Orthotic!

I have gotten my feet scanned for orthotics before and they don't work, not comfortable

Even with the advances in computer technology they can not replace the human touch. Foot and Ankle problems are caused by a imbalance due to gravity and human anatomy. The foot and ankle need to be placed in the correct position for scanning by the doctor and casting which is very hard to duplicate with a patient standing (the problem position). Then after being casted in the correct position they must be evaluated, biomechanical gait analysis performed, and prescription written for correction of the deformity.

I have back pain and other pains, how can orthotics help?

Our lower extremity is very dynamic and anything that affects the lower extremity will eventually affect the rest of our body causing an inbalance. This will lead to pain, stress, and suffering. It is not uncommon that after wearing orthotics that back pain is resolved. It is also not uncommon for knee, hip, and shoulder pain to resolve.

I just got my new pair of orthotics and I'm so excited to use them.

Custom orthotic therapy like eyeglasses, dental crowns, etc. take time for the body to adjust to. We suggest wearing them 2 hours the first day, and adding 1 hour each additional day until a total of 8 hours is reach. Then after they can be worn all the time.

Can my orthotics be adjusted after they are made?

Yes, custom orthotics can be adjusted after your fitting. Extremely rare when done right the first time. We are so sure that you'll be satisfied with your Rx devices, that our office offers no-charge adjustments for the lifetime of your device if done through us.

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