Laser Therapy

Fungal Toenail Infection - Laser Treatment

No Pills, No Liver Damage, No Pain

Lasers have been around for many years and we now have a treatment available for nail fungus that is effective. Quick, painless, and proven technology in the aesthetic industry. Lasers are surgical devices only to be operated by a foot and ankle surgeon. The procedure is only done by our Foot and Ankle Surgeon trained in aesthetics and laser treatment. Our doctor is the only podiatrist in the western United States to be certified for aesthetic IPL and laser treatments.

Our office uses a advanced high power laser, preventing overheating of the treatment area. We use a advanced medical grade laser that does not burn the skin and is only attracted to discoloration in the nails.

Nail Fungus Infection?
Nail Fungus Infection is a infection that lies deep under the toenail making it difficult to be reached by solution, creams, and home soaking remedies.

How does it work?
A laser light beam passed over the infected nails and surrounding skin several times until the fungus is eliminated. The nail will feel warm during the procedure. We treat all nails for the complete elimination of toenail fungus. Clinical studies have found that 88% of treated patients show significant improvement.

  1. The toenail fungus is eliminated by the light instantly.
  2. The toenail is comfortably heated to eliminate fungus.
  3. The toenail undergoes a immune response, to naturally fight off fungus and grow a clean nail.

There is no pain, anesthesia, prescription pain medication, and the laser does not harm the surrounding skin.  The laser beam is applied in sequence over the nails several times.  The treatment relies on vaporizing the fungus with heat and the nails will become warm during the treatment.  The heat in the surrounding will be very low and the doctor will communicate to ensure the heat levels are appropriate.

Will the fungus come back?
The infection improves following one treatment and the provider will recommend techniques to reduce recurrence of the infection. There is always potential for reinfection because fungus is present everywhere in the environment.  The potential for re-infection will vary from person to person and the doctor will go over this information at the consultation.  The use of solution, creams, steri-shoe and preventive advice is given to improve hygiene and decrease recurrence.

What can I expect following the procedure? When will I see results?
Following the procedure one's nails may feel warm for a few seconds. Over next several weeks, your nails begin to grow out clean and clear. Most patients will start to see results within 10-12 weeks.

Is the procedure painful?
No pain just warm, you can walk immediately following the procedure and resume your normal activities.  There is no downtime.

Why didn't the antifungal pills work when I took them?
Simply, because there was no fungus present. Nail infections can come from bacteria, mold, contaminants, etc. The doctor can help evaluate your nails at the consultation.

Is this covered by my health insurance?
The procedure is not covered by health insurance; however, HSA or flexible spending can be used.

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