Don't let the area keep you from going here. The Dr is very educated and extremely nice. My husband has been experiencing bad toe pain. The Dr has his own X-ray machine so we didn't have to go somewhere else to get it done. He found out he had a broken toe? We both thought the Dr was great. We would go back to him. Park in the Albertsons parking lot it's easier. Chris S.

I booked an appointment today even after noticing there is one review which is incomplete .. so i Had my ankle checked up in the same day of calling, service was extremely friendly and the dr was very nice and was having a friendly chat during x ray .. The neighbourhood isn't that great but the clinic is clean and bright from the inside .. Great service - Aishah A.

I apologize, this review is a bit lengthy but hopefully helpful...
Approximately six-seven months ago, I used Google to research "Best Ankle Surgeons San Diego, CA" and Dr. Tu was at the top of the list. I visited his website, read his bio and liked the fact that it stated he treats his patients like family. This, coupled with the amazing before & after surgery photos helped me decide to pay the doctor a visit.
I had been dealing with a broken accessory bone in my ankle (OS Trigonum) for years and was finally looking to have it removed. The truth is, when I arrived at the office, I was a bit surprised and hesitant to enter due to the office's location (plus parking can be an issue). When I entered the "shared office" (with optometrist) experience was a bit odd to me - but after driving two hours from my home town, I figured I had to give it a shot.
In the end, I was glad I decided to give Dr.Tu a shot. He not only took his time to listen to my story but he also sent me home with a full report of what was wrong and what he would do to fix it. A week or so later, I scheduled my surgery, had a pre-op visit and had my surgery preformed about a week or two later.
Never in my life have I had a doctor care so much for me (my recovery) as Dr.Tu did. He communicated with me via email and also provided me his cell phone number and answered EVERY TIME I called with questions or concerns. He even cared enough to say he'd keep me and my recovery in his prayers.
It's been nearly four months since my surgery and things are going pretty well. I had no idea the surgery would affect the nerves in my foot as much as it has. I can't move my toes and still feel a numbing, tingling, discomfort; not that this is due to anything Dr.Tu did, I've read ankle surgery can often cause nerves to "freak out" and having them return to normal can take six months or more. I'm praying this is the case and my foot goes back to normal sooner than later.
To make this review as true and fair as possible, I feel I need to mention perhaps the only negative thing I experienced; during my post-op visit, when we reviewed my new x-rays, Dr.Tu noticed what appeared to be a small portion of bone that had apparently been left in my ankle, to which he said he had grown too tired during surgery to keep going and might have left some bone behind. My heart sunk...after suffering with pain for years, that was the last thing I wanted to hear. Fortunately, there doesn't appear to be any affects from that small piece of bone that was left behind and I am able to move my ankle better than I have in years.
Overall, Dr.Tu is a very kind, funny and professional physician and I RECOMMEND HIM TO THE FULLEST. We both shared common interests and I never once felt uncomfortable when meeting with him. He has consistently tried everything to ensure my recovery is pain free and successful and I appreciate that immensely.
Again, I recommend Dr.Tu and his staff 100%. His fees are very fair and his care goes beyond the norm. If you are looking for a foot/ankle surgeon, have toe fungus or any foot related pain, Dr.Tu is your solution. Alex T.


In May 2012 I fell and severed my ligaments and severely damaged the tendons. After 3 other orthopedic doctors who only made my injury worse by insisting on physical therapy which made me fall 6 more times. Then told me that they could not help me, I was given the name of Dr. Richard Tu. He did reconstruction surgery on my ankle and foot. By grafting tissue from my upper ligament. in September and mending slowly due to my RA, andother autoimmune diseases. Dr. Tu is kind, patient and when others were giving up, he fixed it. He is the best for soft tissue injuries, I give him a 10 =A++ my personal experience. Sonja N.

December 05, 2011

By Ethel MarquezXXX.XXX.230.245

They were so kind and attentive to me. I didn't have to worry about them arguing with me, or contradicting what I had to say, which has been a problem for me at other places. Their staff is the most friendly, welcoming staff I've ever dealt with. They are so warm and professional, and make the whole experience that much better. They made sure that their qualifications were obvious. I was confident that I was under the care of a professional.

August 15, 2011

By Painful AnkleXXX.XXX.170.24

Everyone in my community knows that they are the absolute best in the field. I didn't experience any unnecessary pain during my visit, and I was amazed at how much better I felt after I left. Not only did I find a parking spot right away, but I knew my car was safe because the spots were designated and close to the entrance. Every time I come here they always remember me by name and greet me as soon as I walk in the door, even if it's been months since my last appointment. They are so thoughtful and amazingly sweet, I just love this place. I'm always amazed at how considerate and concerned they are for my well-being. Their advice is always wonderful and completely unbiased.


Dr. Tu is a wonderful human being. He sat down with me and listened completely to the description of my injury and symptoms. He is very patient and focused. After X-rays were taken he did an excellent, clear job of teaching me what's going on with my peroneus brevis tendon, why I was able to injure it surprisingly easily, and how to proceed in healing it.

I really appreciate a doctor who describes what they are doing, who tells you what's going on, why it's happening, and why it matters. Both with your condition or injury, and with the treatment process. Dr. tu is definitely that type of professional, and yet he is not long-winded, he's totally concise and to-the-point -- and friendly in the most genuine manner.

The general waiting, registration, and x-ray processes were all as good as they could be, too. I would recommend this office to anyone with foot or ankle trouble, by all means. MM


I had ingrown toe nails, that was removed improperly before and now it is back and giving me lot of pain. Dr. Tu took his time and as removed it for me. It is hard for me to take any needles or shots, but he made easier for me. Now, a year later, I have no problem with my big toe anymore. I am glad about his work for me. I can walk with no pain. L.T.


I am 50 years old and had been suffering from severe plantar fasciitis for the past several months. A friend had recommended Dr. Tu's office for treatment. I was smewhat skeptical as many of the recommended treatments avaialble on the web didn't help my condition.

Dr. Tu's office is professionally staffed and courteous.
I was tended to for almost an hour, which included multiple x-rays of my feet. (I can't remember the last time a physician spent more than "15" minutes with me).

Dr. Tu diagnosed my condition, discovered some other complications which contributed to my discomfort, and recommended a regimen of specific stretching excercises, orthotics (high arch), and inflamatory meds to slowly decrease the pain.
2 weeks later I'm back in the boxing gym, sparring, and my feet feel great.
I'm not one usually inclined to provide a testimonial for services rendered. However, in this case the kudo's for Dr. T and his staff are well deserved and validated. Kevin S.


My wife has suffered from excruciating pain in both feet for several years. She has talked to our primary care doctor about it, and even followed up by seeing an orthopedist. Even tried various shoe inserts. But nothing seemed to help.
I found Dr. Tu's website, and I sent an email. To my surprise, Dr. Tu responded almost immediately - and on Sunday, no less! I took my wife to his office, which is clean, bright and modern.

Dr. Tu is well-qualified for his work, and very competent. He didn't waste any time in trying to help my wife. Her feet have improved considerably, and she appears to be on the way to being happier and having healthy feet.

Dr. Tu's office staff are friendly, too. It usually doesn't take long to get an appointment to see Dr. Tu.
We have both been very pleased with Dr.Tu for his compassion and his efficiency. If your feet hurt or are giving you trouble in any say, don't hesitate to call Dr. Tu. Dale S.

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